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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fire in the Tub: Throwback Thursday Edition!

Happy Thursday and Day After Christmas!  I hope everyone has had a very merry holiday season including celebrations free of worry, stress, or loved ones slapped with a ham from across the dinner table--even if they really did deserve it.

The Lowery-Combs bunch had a great Christmas...despite our squirrel infestation--thanks to all of you who have sent in tips on dealing with that rascally bunch, btw--the loss of our beloved house cat Strawberry (I think the squirrels may have done it), and the hubs hospitalization until 2 p.m. Christmas Eve.  We are a look-on-the-bright-side crew if nothing else!  This year the bright side just happened to be that Momma got an iPad for Christmas!  The perfect gadget for drowning out electrifying squirrel, a six-year-old's pleas for a new kitten, and a full grown man's swearing to have a heart attack--for real his time!--unless I rub his back, let him hold the television remote control, cook a pot roast without celery, hang his t-shirts from inside and not by stretching out the collar, etc, etc, etc.

In honor of the ebook and app Spending Spree Extravaganza I've undertaken today in celebration of my new toy...and hubby's not dropping dead just yet, I'm rerunning a post from last Christmas about my very 1st e-reader, the KindleFire HD:  a devise I still highly recommend even though I'm now the owner of an iPad or what my friend Danny Self calls  "a Kindle Killer".

This particular post wasn't one of my most viewed this past year, but I think it's some of my best work.  Maybe visions of all that is me in my bathtub are too much for some people?  Come to think of it, maybe this is what made the cat run away.


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